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“The more I open my eyes, the more shades of gray I see, and they are simply amazing. Instead of a brush, I picked up a pen and created Inked in Gray. As Editor in Chief of Inked in Gray I hope to share these stories inked in gray: of lives fallen between the cracks of society, of values that challenge the status quo, themes and thoughts that make us challenge our own perceptions, about characters that show us there is more beneath the surface of everything.”
– Dakota Rayne

Our Mission

Inked in Gray is a small press dedicated to bringing to light stories that need to be told. Our goal is to nurture voices that need to be heard.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell – a message for the world. Inked in Gray was created with this thought in mind. All of our efforts are focused on finding talented writers who are eager to push boundaries, tackle morally gray issues, and explore topics that dig deeper into our world. 

Our world doesn’t just center around publishing fantastic writers. We have a number of philanthropic endeavors in the works to further our mission within our local and international communities. Check out our Community Page to see what we are up to.

Inked in Gray is a full service indie press. We handle all editing, formatting, and cover design in house. If you are interested in developmental or copy edit services outside of general submissions, please check out our editing services or email us with questions. If you are interested in querying your manuscript, be sure to keep up to date on our submission guidelines.


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Inked in Gray

Inked in Gray started as a passion project. After many years as a social worker, Dakota wanted to combine that passion with storytelling. Many people have powerful and insightful stories to tell. Not everything is as black and white as it seems. 

There is so much more to a story than the hero and the villain. There is more to the hero and the villain than just their story.

There is always another side, another truth to what we think we know and perceive. Those are the stories we want to bring into the world. 

Dakota Rayne

Editor in Chief

Shea Ballard

Social Media and Acquisitions

Samuel Hale

Assistant Editor

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