The First Stain Anthology

                          The world isn’t black and white. 

                                                      Why should our stories be?

 There is often a moment when we discover the world is nothing like the fairy tales we grew up with. It’s grittier, darker, more complex. Perception isn’t always reality. Sometimes there’s another layer, another angle that demands acknowledgement. Each tale within The First Stain peels back those preconceived layers to expose the cracks in our not-so-perfect world. 

The First Stain showcases stories with a twist—from haunted visions to heartbreaking omens; vigilante justice to survival amidst metaphysical hellscapes. Enter a fantastical world where karma is Law—merciless and unforgiving. Discover the addiction of memory, and the regrets secreted therein. Within The First Stain, fears become nightmares. Nightmares become reality, and sometimes, the worst that could happen, comes to pass.

These thirteen short stories by new and published authors delve into the themes of death, justice, family, redemption, and ugly truths bound in beautiful lies.

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Congratulations to our Anthology Winner 
Ulff Lehmann

Ulff Lehmann’s story Just Deserts won Inked in Gray’s short story competition! We are excited to present his story in our upcoming anthology The First Stain. 

Ulff is the author of the richly layered epic fantasy series Light in the Dark. The first in the pentalogy (a five book series), Shattered Dreams, is an entertaining, dark fantasy novel that rivals Game of Thrones in its intensity. 

If you love world building and gritty characters, then you will love Shattered Dreams. It features Drangar, a traumatized veteran struggling to overcome his personal tragedies to save the kingdom. The elven mage Lloreanthoran is also a favorite of mine as well as the lovable talking squirrel. 

Shattered Hopes is the second book in the series which continues to follow Drangar’s quest with the addition of Kildanor, an immortal warrior of a shunned god. 

In book three, Shattered Fears, we meet Drangar again and he has been taken over by the Fiend. Don’t know what the Fiend is? Well you must read book two, of course! With the fate of the kingdom in the balance, will our heroes survive? 

Check out the trilogy, grab a tissue or two, and dive into the world of Danastaer.