My Father's Files

An Inked in Gray Podcast

Welcome to the beginning of another Inked in Gray project! This endeavor is a collaboration with two amazing authors, Carlin Thomas and Kate Jackson. They’ve written a story-based podcast and are looking for authors to contribute.


When Vera’s estranged father died, she thought she could finally move on. A year later, however, a mysterious package filled with creepy, cryptic stories shows up at her doorstep–all in her father’s unique script. As much as Vera wants to ignore them, her roommate Ash is fascinated and insists they dig deeper. He soon discovers that the stories are rooted in truth but validation turns to fear as the horrors start to bleed out from the pages into their own lives. As they enlist the help of a local paranormal investigator, the danger only intensifies.

Shadows that shouldn’t be there, windless whistles and threats written in bathroom mirrors… it all points to a haunting. Ghosts, however, don’t explain the mysterious figures that have been following them everywhere they go.

As reality shifts around Vera and her friends, all they know is this: if there’s a way out, the answer lies in her father’s files.


What we are looking for

We are seeking authors willing to write case files specifically for this podcast. Once accepted, we will require an NDA to be granted further information needed to write the stories. Royalty payments will vary based on word count and number of stories written. 

To be clear – we are not looking for you to have your own story written for this podcast. We will be giving you information on the world, specifics, and all relevant information, and you will be writing your own short case file story for the podcast (about 1500-3K words). That story will be read during a podcast episode. 


  • We are selecting writers through an application process. Below you will find a form to apply. Since we cannot obviously disclose all the podcast details, we are asking  for a 250 word sample which will be forwarded on to our creators, who will be determining the contributors.

  • An estimated 13 – 15 writers will be chosen for season one. Applications will be open until March 30th, and if more contributors are required, then we will release another open call

  • If the creators enjoyed your piece and you are still interested in writing for the podcast, then we will ask you to sign an NDA.

  • Once you’ve promised not to give away any of the podcast story secrets, so save your soul, we’ll give you access to the worldbuilding information you need to craft your story. You’ll be able to interact with the creators, and work with the producers and editors to hone your story.

  • As the podcast episodes are recorded, you’ll know what episode your piece is going to be featured in.

  • We’re currently ironing out the details of the submissions. You will be compensated for your work, with the option of increased royalties if the podcast does well.

  • The anticipated release date for the first episode of Our Father’s Files is May 2021, but may be subject to change.


The application form is below. Please fill it out and submit a writing sample if you are interested in this opportunity. The writing sample does not have to be in line with the podcast or in specific genre.

The deadline for this initial submission call is March 30, 2021. We will be following up with individuals approximately 2 – 4 weeks after the deadline. 

My Father's Files Submission Call application

In order to be considered for the opportunity, please complete the form below and attach a writing sample (200-300 words). Sample must be in .doc, .docx, or .pdf form, 12pt font, double spaced, Times New Roman font. If you have questions on the part of the process, please contact Kota