Developmental Editing

What’s Included

A developmental edit is a thorough overview of your novel.  Feedback will focus on plot, character development, pacing, conflict and tension, etc. and provide constructive feedback, suggestions, and potential solutions.

In-line comments are made throughout the manuscript to help provide insight as to what may not be working and how to build upon the things that are. Through both comments and track changes, suggestions for rephrasing, tension building, pacing, and clarity will be made. Edits will not include grammar or proofreading, but will point out overused or awkward word choices, repeated tense changes and typos.

Feedback will focus on the following:

  • Info dump vs too little description

  • Plot and conflict

  • Flow and pacing

  • Character development

  • Reader engagement

  • Premise and theme

  • Balance of show vs tell

  • POV shifts or head hopping

  • Points of tension and suspense throughout the novel

  • Other feedback points as appropriate

Feedback will be summarized in an in-depth manuscript analysis, generally about five to ten pages.

What to Expect

Upon discussion of your project, if you think we are a good fit, I will schedule your edit and send you a working contract that encompasses our working relationship.

All project reservations require a 50% deposit to confirm. Payment may be made via Paypal. 


$.01 per word


Please contact us at with Dev Edit Inquiry as the subject line. Please include the following information along with your request.

  • Genre

  • Short synopsis

  • Total word count

  • If you have a deadline – I will be able to advise if I can meet this or not

  • Your message or question

I will provide a sample edit of up to 2k words. When emailing, please be sure to indicate the type of sample you are requesting. Sample edits are not available for short stories.  |

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