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New Release: The First Stain

Our First Anthology is out June 30, 2020

It’s finally here! Inked in Gray is proud to announce our first annual anthology, The First Stain. The collection will drop on June 30, 2020, and features thirteen stories across a variety of genres.

The goal of these stories is to show a new perspective that challenges perceptions and pushes boundaries. Hard choices don’t have easy answers. Happiness isn’t always found at the most opportune time. Some things are not what they seem. Sometimes the darkness is really a precursor to more darkness.

The theme for our new release was inspired by our mission. Inked in Gray was founded on the idea that there’s always more to what we think we know. We are not a follow-the-crowd publisher. We want to dig deeper, between the black and the white, and give those gray areas a breath of fresh air. Tell stories that need to be told. 

This release has been long in the making, and we thank everyone for being patient as we work through the barriers COVID has presented us with. Special appreciation goes to Val Serdy of Egg and Feather Editing for volunteering to be our judge for the contest and Dean Cole for the amazing cover design. 

Want to check out the winning story? Ulff Lehman’s Just Deserts is a tale of justice served in a land where the law always finds you, no matter how hard you hide. But that’s not all you’ll find in The First Stain. From historical fantasy to contemporary fiction, this collection has something for everyone.